Singin' in the Rain

Spend more time doing what you love.

Financial Partners for Life

Our mission is to offer trusted advice you can depend on, and deliver lasting solutions that work. We work alongside those who value advice and are wanting enduring relationships for their financial and insurance needs. Rather than trying to navigate the mine field of insurance yourself, benefit from independent help, we are your financial partners for life, we'll be there for you year after year.


"Our family looking after yours..."

Trust is a wonderful thing, and we treasure it greatly. That is why here at Carricks we treat every piece of advice we give as if we are giving it to a member of our family. Our business is our family looking out for yours. We desire to build and keep trust over a long period of time, across repeated business and generations of family through the right advice and solutions that work. Doing the right thing for our clients is one of our greatest joys and to see the plans and protection we put in place coming through just when it’s needed.

Our advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a transitional financial advice provider licence. For more information, visit the  Weathpoint Limited website.