Enduring Powers of Attorney

What is an Enduring Powers of Attorney?

By Paul Carrick

Commonly known as an EPA, this document appoints people to act for you when you cannot, including when you have lost your legal capacity to act. An EPA looks after you when you are still alive.

This is the second document you may never get a chance to make or change when needed.

In the case of Enduring Power of Attorney, you may have lost your legal capacity, which means you can no longer change legal documents or make certain decisions about your life.

These events can be sudden.

You can appoint a person to look after your well-being and more than one to look after your things and manage your money and assets. These people are your Attorneys.

You must appoint someone capable and trustworthy and appoint this person when you are in a position of strength.

Appointing the wrong people may mean they use your wealth for their gain.

Again, I recommend you use a legal professional. Here is a link for more information on Enduring Powers of Attorney. https://www.lawsociety.org.nz/for-the-public/common-legal-issues/powers-of-attorney/

So, would you rather be that person or family who gets it right, and your loved ones benefit emotionally and perhaps financially or the latest gossip at the local BBQ?

Act now and contact your legal adviser. If you don’t have a legal adviser, we may have someone we can refer you to.

For assistance with creating or updating your Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney, contact your trusted legal adviser, or if you need a recommendation for a professional legal adviser, please let us know.

*Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney by Paul Carrick

Please note that this information is general-purpose and that I am not a legal or taxation adviser; our intention is for you to be financially sorted, which includes having current Estate Planning, while using the appropriate professional advisers.

All New Zealanders over 18 should have a Will and, preferably, Enduring Powers of Attorney.