Money Matters

Money Matters


Whether its for your own personal fund, working toward home ownership, looking ahead to retirement, or if you are an employer wanting to start a workplace KiwiSaver scheme as a benefit for your employees, we can find the most suitable options for you. We have them for the involved and the non-involved investors, with a market leading selection of providers and funds to choose from, we can help you make more informed and personal choices with your KiwiSaver and where your funds are invested. Whether you are a set and forget investor or a market watching investor, Carricks can help you become a smarter, KiwiSaver.


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Retirement is one of the phases of life that can bring many changes. The earlier you start planning, the easier and longer you have to grow and plan your retirement though. If you have time on your side it will give you the ability to spread savings out as well as allow the them to grow and flourish the best. If the time frame is short, we can still get you started as having something is better than nothing and if you are there or nearly there, having a spending plan can be very helpful. It could include home relocation, vehicle changes, experiences, people you want to help and so on. It's all the first step to a great retirement, regardless of your life stage.


Getting a mortgage can feel like a stressful process, whether you are a first home buyer, or you are looking to purchase your 10th property. With his experience that he has gained since joining Carricks, Nick is able to access where you are at, helping you make the right decisions around buying a property and is happy to give advice in area’s you may not have considered. Nick can help you with the full start to finish process of getting a home loan, working on your behalf with the lenders, working towards the best rates and outcomes for your personal scenario. The best time to purchase a property is when you are ready to do so, and Nick is ready whenever you are!

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