Money Matters


Whether you are working towards owning your first home or looking ahead to retirement, Carricks can guide you to finding the best KiwiSaver option for your needs. If you are an employer wanting to start a workplace KiwiSaver for your employees, we can find the most suitable options for you. We can offer a market-leading selection of providers and funds to choose from. We can help you make informed and personal choices with your KiwiSaver and where your funds are invested. Whether you are a set and forget investor or a market-watching investor, Carricks can help you become a smarter, KiwiSaver.


You don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall Street to start investing. Many people have different investment goals and depending on what you want to achieve, we can tailor separate investor profiles to match each goal. When investing we will typically look at four things with you: duration, returns, liquidity, and risk. Not just anyone can call themselves a financial advisor. We have met the required standards and are correctly licensed to ensure we always put your interests first.


Retirement is one of the phases of life that can bring many changes. The earlier you start planning, the longer you have to plan and the easier it will be. Having time on your side will allow the ability to spread savings out as well as create growth. If the time frame is short, we can still get you started, having something is better than nothing! If you are there, or nearly there, having a spending plan could be very helpful. This might include home relocation, vehicle changes, experiences, or, people you want to help. It's all the first steps to a great future, regardless of your life stage.


Borrowing money to purchase a property can feel like a daunting process. There can be so many hoops you need to jump through. Having a qualified mortgage adviser by your side can help transition you to your final destination. We have helped our clients achieve some tricky property purchases, there is no mortgage prospect too daunting for us! Let us help you with your property dreams.

Get Financial Peace Of Mind

Our Financial Advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a financial advice provider license.